The investing network

Nordic Impact Investing Network

Convening, collaborating, and activating impact investors.

NIIN connects impact investors, activities, and communities in the Nordics. Providing asset owners with support and inspiration for their impact investment journeys, the NIIN offers like-minded investors a home.

With the goal to connect and educate an emerging impact investor ecosystem across Nordic countries, NIIN was born in Copenhagen in 2018 and holds the majority of our 115 members, with membership growing in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Knowledge sharing

  • Webinars and in-person speaking & panel events.
  • In 2023 our focus will be on Systems Change, and AI for Impact.



  • Virtual matchmaking sessions to connect across regions & restrictions.
  • Impact Dinner series to gather local NIIN members in Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm & Helsinki.

Capacity Building

  • Academy courses and educational programs for wealth-holders.
  • Impact programs/ workshops for founders.
  • Katapult Future Fest plus Impact Investor Day

“The Katapult Foundation is excited to be the new driving force behind the Nordic Impact Investment Network. In its mission to move capital, people and technology for good we understand the power of a trusted local and regional community to provide asset owners with support and inspiration for their impact investment journeys.

The NIIN offers like-minded investors a home.”

Alison Fort

CEO, Katapult Foundation

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Niin gatherings

Nordic Impact Investing Network

It’s all about the people. Since March 2018 NIIN has co-hosted gatherings for impact minded investors across the Nordics. Together with our partners we aim to build a community for people to increase the understanding for impact investing, build relationships and learn from one another to drive action and capital flow.


Meet likeminded investors in curated session

For each session, a maximum of 4 investors are invited to meet based on what they have in common, their complementary skills, or ways they can support each other in their impact investing journey.


dinners to discuss impact focused topics

Ten prominent and knowledgeable investors are carefully selected to take a place around an intimate dinner table, set to open honest and insightful conversations on their journeys into impact investment and related topics.


Knowledge sharing Webinars, Workshops & Roundtables

Knowing all our members personally gives us insight to the content they seek to push forward their impact investing journey. With the support of our network of experts we can create knowledge sharing sessions with highly targeted and curated content to cater to our members’ needs.

If you are interested in our future events, investors dinners or curated matchmaking session, let us know!

Join our events

Solving the grand challenges of the world with likeminded investors

Moving more capital into impact investing by supporting Nordic investors


Connecting Nordic investors

Creating strong local relationships, connected to a regional network with global relevance, we can offer a home, close to home.


Navigate the noise

A place to learn – connected to Katapult Foundation courses & content, plus signposting and access to relevant EU and global networks and conferences.


Find your tribe

Power of peer to peer learning to support the movement of capital.


We need to act

The time for creating profound and long-lasting positive change for people and the planet is now.

What you can expect?


Members are investors

NIIN will connect with the wider impact ecosystem but its members will be asset owners investing or ready to invest for impact.



NIIN is not just ‘another impact conference’. Meetings, connections and content will focus on the action of impact investing – personal stories and sharing of approaches, examples & workshops.


No membership fees

We want to keep the barriers to entry low. Katapult Foundation is funding the network coordination, local aligned partners can also offer support.


A safe space

All members agree to a Code of Conduct: no pitch zone, respect confidentiality, think “how can I support fellow members?”, share openly.