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Nordic Impact Investing Academy

Developing competence and confidence to mobilise capital for impact.

The Nordic Impact Investing Academy was created by Katapult Foundation in 2021 leveraging 30+ years of experience working with wealth holders globally.

The Nordic Impact Investing Academy educates and supports private wealth holders – individuals, families and family businesses who wish to learn about impact investing and create an actionable strategic plan to start investing or improve on what they have already started.

The Academy consists of practical content designed by some of the global industry’s most forward-thinking advisors, experts, academics and practitioners. Programs are delivered in a customised, engaged format, tailored to the needs of the audience.

Ignite Program

“Your first step”

Group foundational program for asset owners who are ready & able to deploy capital

5 modules delivered virtually or in person


Transform Program

“Your personal journey”

Tailor-made program to support participants on their inner transformational journeys

Delivered in
individual 1-on-1


Family Consulting

“Your bespoke solution”

Uniquely tailored engagement dependent on your circumstances and what you hope to achieve 

Bespoke program designed around your needs


Impact Investing Thematics and Best Practice

“Deep dive into specifics”

Thematic investment areas aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Best practice approaches and continuous learning


Our vision is to build a better world where people and the planet thrive.
Our mission is to catalyze people, capital and technology for good.

Your first step

Ignite Program

Learning Outcomes from Ignite Program

  • An understanding of globally recognised framework and tools for impact investing and management
  • How to practically apply frameworks when you are considering individual investments
  • Come away with a strategy and action plan for your own impact investing activities

Module 1: Introduction, What & Who

We will begin by focusing first on defining and locating impact investing & identifying the players involved.


  • What is impact investing
  • Introduction to Impact Management Project
  • Spectrum of capital
  • Resource Inventory

Module 2: Why & How

We will equip participants with an understanding of what we mean by a “portfolio”, and what opportunities are available for impact in different financial instruments


  • Asset classes
  • Portfolio approach
  • How to get started – carve out, portfolio approach from cash or portfolio approach from existing portfolio

Module 3: So What & Now What

We will support participants with how they can think about impact measurement, management, implementation, and best practice.


  • An overview of principles, frameworks and standards
  • Practical applications of how to integrate this into your practice
  • Hear from peers who have been on the journey

Module 4: Conversations & Final Reflections

Reflection on key take-aways and next steps, exploring further opportunities to connect and learn together.


  • Reflection and discussion on what you have learned so far and
  • Present your impact investing plan and get feedback
  • Meet peers and practitioners to hear how they started and overcame obstacles

Module 5: Making investments

We will share Katapult’s expertise in making impact investments, sharing with you how we approach direct and fund investing. 


  • Overview of due diligence best practice with impact embedded

The Ignite Program consists of 5 modules, delivered virtually or in person.

Workshop format, fully interactive and using practical case studies relevant to participants area of interest.

Each module lasts 90-120 mins depending on size of the group

“Prior to taking part in the Ignite Program, our portfolio had a limited share of capital allocated to what we considered impact investments. Over the course of the program, we have realized that impact can be achieved in a multitude of ways that we had not considered before, and it has enabled us to look at our portfolio from a holistic perspective with regards to this. This broadens the scope of what we can achieve in terms of impact considerably, without necessarily making drastic changes to our portfolio. The program will teach you about impact management and measurement, ensuring that you have the right tools to confirm that you are achieving the impact you are targeting with specific investments.”

Anders Utkilen

Ignite Program Participant, Norway

Your personal journey

Transform Program

Transform yourself to maximise your impact

The Transform Program is your personal source of support on your impact journey, offered via the Nordic Impact Investing Academy. The Transform Program consists of an inner journey tailor-made for you and delivered one-on-one in confidence by a multiple certified professional coach who is a leading force for personal transformation in the global impact space.

The coach

Britta Gruenig

Britta is the Founder and Managing Director of Gruenig & Partners, a company helping family enterprise future owners, business leaders and private investors develop into conscious leaders with positive impact.

To protect life on Earth and our planetary home, we need transformation on a global scale. People need knowledge and skills, but mostly, we already know what needs to be done. What is lacking is the inner clarity, courage and commitment to do it. We need inner change, and that’s what we help change makers with. You hold the key to impact: It’s your personal transformation.

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Who is the Transform Program for?

Transform Program participants are individual impact investors and next gens of family offices. You are an asset owner who is exploring the purpose of wealth and wondering what within you is holding you back from living your most impactful life? This is perfect for you.

How is it structured?

The Transform Program will be delivered one-on-one virtually in 60-minute sessions every  2-4 weeks.

Participants receive tailored support, guiding them towards what is next for their personal development, making their transformation happen.

Your Journey 

Your personal development steps are as individual as your DNA

  • Your roadmap will be tailored to your goals and individual needs

  • This typically includes an initial assessment of the key topics relevant for you, reflections, exercises, challenges, visualisations, journaling prompts, tools, and other structures to make the insights accessible in your daily life and when you need them most

  • Between sessions, you will have “homework” in which to implement the insights and transform your life one step at a time

Sample Roadmap of the Transform Program 

Info call: What’s next for you? (20 mins) 

Is this a good match for both of us? 

Session 1: Big picture (90 mins) 

Where do we get started? 

Session 2-4: Building the foundation (60 mins) 

How do you access your inner compass? 

Further Sessions: Deepening the transformation (60mins) 

What else is possible in your life?

Your bespoke solution

Family Consulting

Uniquely tailored engagement to be most relevant to the objectives, investment expertise, and group dynamics of the audience. 


    In-depth needs assessment leads to a delivery of the Academy that suits the specific needs of the family office.

    STEP 2. Ideation

    The format could for example be modules spread out over a period of months, half or full day (virtual or in person) workshops, with partners, or in 1:1 sessions.

    STEP 3. Delivery

    Participants receive custom-designed content that can be deepened in a number of ways, including exercises, best practices, case studies, independent reading and an implementation checklist. Subject matter experts and/or impact investing peers contribute depth and best practices that work in real-life.

    “The Nordic Impact Investing Academy has been an amazing partner and support in setting up Longrun Capital and defining our impact strategy focusing on climate with a gender lens.”

    Cristina Ljungberg

    Family Consulting Participant, Sweden

    In development

    Impact investing thematics and best practices

    Deep dives into specifics

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    Investing in Ocean or Climate Change

    Impact: How it’s created and why it matters to start-ups?

    From Theory of Change to Theory of Action

    Academy workshop instructors

    Alison Fort


    Alison is Impact Partner in Katapult Group and CEO at Katapult Foundation.
    She is part of the senior leadership team in Katapult where she supports the group companies with their impact investment strategies and developed the impact management framework for the group.

    Alison has been actively supporting impact investors and helping scale impact investing globally for over 10 years.

    She is a Board member at Toniic, the global network of impact investors, and Advisory Group member, Multi-Generational Leadership Programme, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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    Evita Chiang Zanuso


    Evita is Head of Strategic Partnerships at Katapult Foundation and Lead at the Nordic Impact Investing Academy. She develops and delivers the academy for wealth holders and advisors who wish to learn about allocating capital to impact investing to create change and contribute to solutions in the world.

    She has a deep understanding of private market impact investments and is passionate about bringing more wealth holders into impact. She is Vice Chair of the CFA UK’s Impact and Investing Panel, developing its Impact Investing qualification, a Member of the Steering Committee for Women in Social Finance, and a Member of the Community Grants Committee (Impact-first investments) at Dunhill Medical Trust.

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    Past Speakers Include:



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