Katapult Foundation

Katapult's non profit foundation catalyzing people, capital and technology for good


Building a new narrative for technology and investment

The Katapult Foundation sits alongside the Katapult Group with the goal to move people, capital and technology for good.

Katapult Group is a group of companies investing in and scaling sustainable impact-focused tech startups.

Katapult Group’s founder Tharald Nustad created the Katapult Foundation to gather and further the mission-driven, non-profit activities.


A platform for positive change

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We are a platform for a community of changemakers, tech entrepreneurs and investors

We hold space and amplify the impact of our community to accelerate positive change

We are active supporter of field-building initiatives including Toniic, Nexus, Ashoka, CSP @ University of Zürich and The Coalition for Impact


Straddling Nordic and International footprints to activate and mobilise capital for impact

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Developing competence and confidence in impact investing

Creating programmes for Next Gen investors, foundations, family offices, and tech founders

Engaging with public and private stakeholders to build the Nordic impact investment ecosystem

Mobilizing investors to invest in impact tech

Bringing together  a community of like minded investors looking to move more capital into impact, and gaining confidence in the space through peer to peer knowledge sharing.


Working with founders and investors to direct technology on a positive trajectory whilst addressing the world’s greatest challenges at scale

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  • Promoting thought leadership into the potential benefits and risks inherent to the large-scale adoption of AI.

    Helping to guide and inform tech founders and startups on ethical practices

    Sharing best practices & ethical investment frameworks with tech investors

    Helping founders build tech businesses that solve problems at the core

    Helping investors invest in impact and sustainable tech startups


Aligning with fields of action of Katapult Group

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  • Thematic field building – e.g. supporting the thought leadership and field building work of Katapult Ocean 

    Ecosystem building – e.g. Regeneration Mauritius 

    Develop skills and education needed for all humans to thrive including personal transformation and behavioural change



the community

Katapult ‘X’

Katapult ‘X’ reaches beyond traditional systems, circles, and silos. The time to mobilize a conscious systemic shift is now.

Katapult is about driving positive and lasting change, not limiting to what’s not right in the status quo, but genuinely collaborating towards a profound systemic shift, from reducing the negatives to facilitating and scaling the positives solutions. That’s why Katapult Future Fest now goes beyond our physical and online presence to become Katapult ‘X’. This elevated vision will mobilize our products and efforts to drive and scale a positive change with impact investing, entrepreneurship and technology for good, and enhancing our consciousness and awareness for ourselves,  people and the planet. 

the investing academy

Nordic Impact Investing Academy

The Nordic Impact Investing Academy is designed
for families and groups of asset owners who
desire to move into strategic action with their
impact investments.
The Academy consists of cutting-edge content
designed by some of the global industry’s most
forward-thinking advisors, experts, academics and
practitioners. It is delivered in a customized,
engaging format tailored to the needs of the

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the investing network

Nordic Impact Investing Network

It’s all about the people.

Since March 2018 NIIN has co-hosted gatherings for impact minded investors across the Nordics and Asia. Together with our partners we aim to build a community for people to increase the understanding for impact investing, build relationships and learn from one another to drive action and capital flow.

the coalition

The Coalition for Impact (C4i)

The Coalition for Impact is a network of doers. We have established it to co-create activities and projects that could not be implemented by a single network but that call for joint action to trigger exponential scaling and transformative impact.

C4i also supports cooperative projects of two or more member networks as well as activities initiated by individual members of those networks. This means that we pass the ball to you. We call on individual network members committed to collaborating towards a world which values positive impact as their core criteria of success and who recognize the potential of impact investing as a means to build a more inclusive financial system.

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