Building a new narrative for technology and investment

The Katapult Foundation sits alongside the Katapult Group with the goal to move people, capital and technology for good. Katapult Group is a group of companies investing in and scaling sustainable impact-focused tech startups. Katapult Group’s founder Tharald Nustad created the Katapult Foundation to gather and further the mission-driven, non-profit activities.


A world where all humans thrive in harmony with the planet.


Promote impact investment and the responsible use of technology for the benefit of society and the planet.

Support the development of human consciousness and connectivity. Building the skills needed to thrive in a world of rapid change and uncertainty.


Rooted in Norwegian values ​​around trust, justice and equality.


The Katapult Foundation Pillars of Action


Working with founders and investors to direct technology on a positive trajectory
  • Promoting thought leadership into the potential benefits and risks inherent to the large-scale adoption of AI.
  • Helping to guide and inform tech founders and startups on ethical practices
  • Sharing best practices & ethical AI investment frameworks with investors
  • Helping founders build tech businesses that solve problems at the core
  • Helping investors invest in sustainable tech startups


Straddling Nordic and International footprints to activate and mobilise capital for impact
  • Developing competence and confidence in impact investing
  • Creating programmes for Next Gen investors, foundations, family offices, and tech founders
  • Managing the Nordic Impact Investment Network
  • Participating in the Coalition for Impact (C4i)
  • Engaging with policy makers to build the impact investment market in Norway
  • Mobilizing investors to invest in impact tech


A platform for positive change
  • Platform for a community of changemakers, tech entrepreneurs and investors
  • Activities include:
    • Katapult Future Fest (Flagship 3 day event in Oslo)
    • Katapult meetups at global gatherings
    • Katapult Cloud: virtual convenings and content for the Katapult Community
    • Deep dives on impact tech, impact investing, systems change
  • Active supporter of field-building initiatives including Toniic, Nexus, Ashoka; co-founder of The Coalition for Impact


Aligning with fields of action of Katapult Group
  • Thematic field building – e.g. supporting the thought leadership and field building work of Katapult Ocean and Katapult Food
  • Ecosystem building; City-Flipping, Africa
  • Develop skills and education needed for all humans to thrive including personal transformation and behavioural change

Katapult Future Fest

The Katapult Foundation hosts convenings nationally and internationally to promote the practice of using capital and technology for good. Katapult Future Fest AS is a non-profit company owned by the Katapult Foundation. It is responsible for Katapult Future Fest and Katapult Cloud.

Katapult Future Fest events include:
  • Showcase event: Katapult Future Fest
    • Katapult Future Fest is an annual 3 day event in Oslo, Norway gathering investors, founders, techies, and professionals to address the biggest challenges our planet is facing through consciousness, technology, and impact investing.
    • This year, with Covid -19 making an in-person festival impossible, Katapult Cloud kept the conversation and our important work going by hosting a global digital convening attended by more than 700 participants from 76 countries.
    • Learn more and get involved at
    • Listen to the conversations from Katapult Future Fests and Katapult Cloud on YouTube
  • Fringe events in San Francisco, Vancouver and beyond
  • Katapult+ podcasts
  • Focusing on how emerging technology, consciousness and impact investments build the world we want to live in
  • Deepening human consciousness and connections with one another and the planet


We are privileged to collaborate closely with the following groups in our mission to champion the use of capital and technology for the good of the planet and its inhabitants.

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