Special: Katapult Future Fest Conversations Ep. 6: Systemic Solutions for Net Zero


Are we on track to meet the scale of system change needed to get anywhere close to a 1.5-degree world? 

We produce 50 billion tons of Co2 each year, or 6-7 tons per capita per year – that’s 100x more than the average person’s body weight! What will it take to get to Net Zero?

In this episode, Jeremy Oppenheim from SystemIQ and Paul van Zyl from The Conduit discuss the three key things we need to achieve before we should even begin to talk about carbon removal, namely – 

  1. electrifying the global economy with clean energy,
  2. shifting land use from feeding ourselves to regeneration and the restoration of natural resources, and
  3. halving our material consumption.

The two also share insights on what technology, capital, and policy we need in place in order to get there. Tune in to learn more!

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Hosted by Kate Byrne
Produced by African Tech Roundup