Katapult Future Fest Conversations Ep. 4: Future Opportunities for Women


Prepare to be inspired and ignited into action after listening to the stories and wisdom that our hosts Kate Byrne and Lynn Casey gleaned from this powerhouse female panel – Julia Zhou (Tidal Impact), Fatema Hamdani (KH Aerospace), and Susie Alegre (Author & International Human Rights Lawyer).

We tackle the compassion curse – that women are supposed to focus on compassion – not profit, the learnings from multi generational workforces, and the opportunity that LocalX brings to us all. We all agree that there has never been a better time to be a woman as we claim, step into, and own our power. 

Episode guests:

Moderated by Kate Byrne of PopVenture and Lynn Casey of ShineScout

Produced by African Tech Roundup