Katapult Future Fest Conversations Ep. 1: Good Mental Health


What would a mentally healthy world look like? What if all of us understood mental health and had access to mental health care in the way that many of us do for physical health care? 

1 in 4 of us are affected by something that impacts our ability to function in our daily life. Mental well being and physical challenge are such pariahs when it comes to workplace conversations. There has been some headway in addressing physical challenges such as LEGO’s Braille bricks, that open and connect the world. The brain is our most important organ and yet we know so little about it. How do we help our children soar past the issues that older generations have experienced and normalized? Learning holistic skills (resilience, empathy), as well as hard ability skills, needed to cope and flourish in this world.

Episode guests:  

Jules Chappell of Kokoro (a non-profit organization focused on mental health as the foundation for a safer, kinder and more productive world)

Diana Ringe Krogh of The LEGO Foundation & The LEGO Group

Episode references:  

Moderated by Alison Fort

Produced by African Tech Roundup